A Colorful Switch

Utility isn't the only way to bring satisfaction to accomplishing everyday tasks. There's also soul.


Add Personality

People are looking for new ways to express themselves. How can we help them bring delight and expression to everyday tasks?


Expand Our Design Vocabulary

Take our core line of products to a new place by pushing the boundaries of print, color, and pattern on new materials.


A rich process of exploration in color, finish, and material opportunity.


Color and pattern trends from around the world are gathered and translated to delight our customers. Every product and tool we make is an opportunity to bring a global touch of love and inspiration into someone's life.


  • Expressive Tape: New funky tape designs can also be used for decoration
  • The Perfect Perch: The birdline sponge brings new life to the kitchen
  • Nifty Notes: New Post-It® Note designs feature the work of up-and-coming designers