Clearing the Air

See how 3M created an oasis of filtered air in the midst of Shanghai's dense traffic and pollution.


Create an Escape

Shanghai's air pollution is sometimes as inescapable as its traffic jams. How could 3M air filtration technology help to create a virtual oasis for busy commuters?



Space is at a premium in the bustling Shanghai landscape, and wearing a filtering mask all the time simply isn't fun. Our solution needed to be portable and convenient.


How and where can an air filtration device make a big impact without asking too much?


Small air filters and humidifiers can help combat the effects of heavy smog for one person in a small space.


  • 2013 Red Dot Award
  • Convenient: Hangs on the back of the driver's car set
  • Transformational: Turns an hour stuck in traffic into an hour of cleaner air