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Invent a New
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Latin America Edition

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2018 Invent a New Future Challenge

Compete with other bright minds across Latin America!

An unforgettable opportunity.

Every day at 3M, we create new solutions and define what’s next for the world. There is no ordinary thinking at 3M, and we want to reward the extraordinary thinking of college and graduate students around the world.

If selected for the first round of competition, you will have the opportunity to compete in an actual 3M case competition in your country in May. The top finalists will be flown to Mexico in July 2018 for the Latin America case competition finals at 3M in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The final winners will have bragging rights, lunch with 3M leaders and a six-month mentorship with a 3M senior leader, and all participants will gain an unforgettable experience!

Please view the Rules of Participation. Registration available from Monday, March 12th – May 10th, 2018.

Learn what our past participants have shared about their experience.

Invent a
New Future Challenge

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Bruno - Brazil 2017 Invent a New Future Challenge "While participating in INFC 2017, I have learned more about 3M in a global level and realized the company's innovative profile. I have had the opportunity to connect with young people from different cultures, exchanging experiences and working in a business case. My greatest learning was, undoubtedly, how diversity drives innovation in a group or a company. When working in a global and multidisciplinary team, differences were complementary, helping us develop solutions which were then presented to 3M leaders. The entire program was designed so that, since the first day, participants would interact and collaborate. It was deeply gratifying to represent my state and my country among the finalists. For those interested in participating of INFC future editions, I encourage you to engage in bringing innovative ideas and, above all, connecting with inspiring people involved in INFC, from colleagues to 3M staff. INFC is an outstanding experience which contributes to our development as young people who will soon be creating solutions to the problems of our companies and our country."

Bruno - Brazil

Tania - Mexico 2016 Invent a New Future Challenge "My experience in the national round of the competition was very fulfilling because the participants I worked with  were very diverse people with different skills, opinions and ways of working and to compliment one an other and work together was a very rewarding challenge."

Tania - Mexico

Claudia – Panama Pacifico 2016 Invent a New Future Challenge "It was a life-changing experience and I’m so grateful!"

Claudia – Panama Pacifico

Raul - Mexico 2016 Invent a New Future Challenge "The INF Challenge was a great opportunity to fully develop myself as an entrepreneur and as a person. It was also a great space to fully show my potential and my ideas by creating new alternatives. I got to learn a lot from everyone in the competition and all the people from 3M, and I hope they got to learn from me"

"One of the best experiences of my life..."

Raul - Mexico

Gessica - Brazil 2016 Invent a New Future Challenge "Participating in INF is a unique experience. Meeting new people from different places and backgrounds and having to integrate with them to solve a case in a few days is a huge challenge. Without doubt, it was one of the experiences that added more in my career as a student. If you like to challenge yourself, innovate and want to know more about 3M, sign up!"

Gessica - Brazil

Hugo - Brazil 2015 Invent a New Future Challenge "...it was surely the greatest professional experience I’ve ever had. It was even more relevant because I had the opportunity of working with talented students from different countries."

Hugo - Brazil

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Registration has ended.

Brazil flag graphic Brazil
Colombia flag graphic Colombia
Costa Rica flag graphic Costa Rica *
Guatemala flag graphic Guatemala *
Mexico flag graphic Mexico
Panama flag graphic Panama *

*Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama will compete in one competition under "Central America and Caribbean" (CAC)

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  • Monday, March 12th – May 10th, 2018
  • Individuals who are interested by country can submit their entry on the INFC site.
Country Selection
  • Between March – May
  • Finalists by country to be announced.
Country Competition
  • Between May – June
  • Case competition in each participating country. With the exception of Costa Rica, Guatemala & Panama (3M Panama S.A.) who will compete in one competition under “Central America and Caribbean” (CAC). For more information, please consult the INFC rules.
Latin American Finalists
  • Month of June 2018
  • Finalists to be announced.
Latin American Competition
  • To take place during the month of July
  • To be held at 3M in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

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Is the INF Challenge website the only way to apply? Can I also apply through email/Facebook/Twitter?

Yes, all applications are accepted through www.3M.com/INF2018 only.

Who should register for the INF Challenge?

The Invent a New Future Challenge is open to students in their two final years of their undergraduate degree or those pursuing an advanced degree (i.e. Masters, MBA, PhD, etc.) who are interested in the chance to compete against peers from across Latin America in a unique and fun business case competition. Students pursuing degrees in marketing, sales, supply chain/logistics, engineering, science, and/or technical studies are encouraged to register. Student year may vary on local country prioritization.

Can we choose our own team members and participate in the challenge together?

Once you have been selected as a participant in the INF Challenge, 3M will place you on a team for round one. If selected for round 2 (the finals) you will win a trip to 3M Mexico where you will be assigned to a regional team composed of other winning members from participating countries. There you will compete against other teams for the grand prize of a six month mentorship with a senior 3M senior leader and serious bragging rights!

Why should I get involved?

You have invested considerable time and commitment to your academic studies, now is your opportunity to put it to a real world test. Compete against peers across Latin America in a unique business simulation case challenge that tests your problem solving, leadership and teamwork skills while helping you gain valuable insights and experience. You also benefit by building your professional and social network and will gain exposure to senior leaders that does not come readily early in a typical career. Additionally, you could win a trip to the finals to the 3M San Luis Potosi, Mexico and a mentorship with a 3M senior leader for six months. Now is your time!

If Selected for the INF Challenge finals in Mexico, will my travel expenses be covered by 3M?

Yes, your travel and accommodation costs will be covered by 3M.

What are the overall rules and regulations for the INF Challenge?

The INF Challenge rules can be viewed here.

What is the timeline for the INF Challenge?

There are 4 stages in the process. The stages occur within the following dates:

  • Application – from March 12th – May 10th, 2018
  • Selection – between March – May, 2018
  • Round 1 – between May – June, 2018
  • Round 2 – during the month of July, 2018

Who do I contact if I have questions about my registration or consideration?

By clicking on the “Contact Us” button on the home page of www.3M.com/INF2018 you can submit your question and a team member will follow up with you shortly.

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