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Background Checks and Applicant Fingerprinting

  • Who is being fingerprinted?

    State and local governments may request background checks for employment and licensing purposes if the action has been authorized by a state statute. In many states, employment and licensing categories include real estate and mortgage-related licenses, child care-related licenses, private and public employment background checks, gun permits, and more.
  • Applicant Fingerprinting Services

    Applicant Fingerprinting Services provide the ability for applicants to have fingerprint background checks processed electronically in a non-criminal justice environment. Our website,, provides secure online registration where the applicants and/ or agencies can enroll, pay fees, find in-depth instructions, get answers to frequently asked questions, and find many other support resources.

  • National Network Coverage

    Our national network of Fingerprint Service Providers includes thousands of Applicant Fingerprint Service Sites and FBI-Channeling Sites across the United States and Canada, facilitating over 2 million applicant transactions a year.

  • Fingerprinting Equipment Configuration

    The typical solution includes a notebook or desktop computer, the 3M™ CS500e Tenprint LiveScan device, and 3M™ Applicant LiveScan software. Additional optional components may include a digital camera, signature capture pad, barcode reader, magnetic stripe reader, touch screen monitor, and FBI-certified laser printer. We provide comprehensive training of all Applicant Livescan Operators (ALOs) at the time of equipment installation.

    CS500e Product Information sheet (92.00KB)

Applicant Processing and Fingerprinting Services

  • California Peer Service Provider

    We offer an end-to-end, California Department of Justice (Cal-DOJ) certified Applicant Peer Provider Service Solution.

    As part of the solution, we provide field-proven and Cal-DOJ certified LiveScan units as well as the backend communication service to support Peer Provider Service business needs.

    Live Scan Locations

  • FBI Channeling

    We have been selected by the FBI as an authorized Channeling Agency to provide criminal history searches (i.e. fingerprint-based background checks) for non-criminal applicants. We performs channeling services for Federal Government Employees, professions requiring national security clearance, Financial Services Industry (Banking, Investment, Insurance, Trading), and Transportation Industry (HAZMAT).

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