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More than thirty years ago, we set out to keep everyone safer in a changing world. Since then, we’ve collaborated with customers around the world to develop complete solutions, systematically growing our offerings to support best practices and empower agencies and companies all over the world.

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Confront and address threats to individuals, physical assets,
information and your communications infrastructure,
both at home and abroad with 3M technologies.

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Applications for Government Security

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  • Access Control

    Access control provides security by granting authenticated users access to specific areas. We offer a complete range of biometric access control products that can be customized according to user needs.

  • Background Checks

    We offer a range of applicant fingerprinting options that can be linked to major background check databases. We work in conjunction with state agencies, police agencies, and businesses to provide statewide access to applicant fingerprint processing services for fingerprint-based background checks.

  • Border Management

    From integrated border management systems to e-passport readers, our solutions are designed to deliver more information in real time, helping border inspectors make efficient, informed decisions and deliver secure traveler processing.

  • Civil ID

    We help government agencies and integrators architect, procure, and implement holistic identity management solutions that provide the right level of security balanced with efficiency.

Products for Government Security

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  • Biometrics and Identity Management Systems

    Our biometric scanning solutions empower users to rapidly capture high-quality fingerprint, palm print, and iris images. Ranging from single/dual digit fingerprint scanners, live scan devices, iris capture devices, and fingerprint card scanners, our solutions can be customized to meet your needs.

    Featured: 3M™ Live Face Identification System

  • Identification Document Readers

    Empowering informed decision-making with dependable, accurate data. Offering full-page document scanners, card readers, mobile scanners, we provide a range of easily-integrated data capture options.

  • Secure Materials

    By combining and layering technology solutions - overt and covert solutions with tamper-resistant technologies - we help protect documents from counterfeiting, altering and tampering.

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