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3M™ True Definition Scanner Information for Dentists

3M™ True Definition Scanner for Dentists

Accuracy that Puts You in Control

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3M™ True Definition Scanner for Dentists

Accuracy that Puts You in Control

Watch a video Contact a 3M Representative

Accuracy that Puts You in Control

  • The 3M™ True Definition Scanner is proven to be more accurate—and more consistently accurate—than other leading intraoral scanners.¹ The 3M™ True Definition Scanner is accurate enough for your most challenging cases—long-span bridges, multi-unit restorations and full-arch dentistry—where there is little tolerance for distortion or error.

    3M™ True Definition Scanner impressions have been used to create thousands of cases tracking at a clinically proven fit rate of 99.7%.² Doctors who’ve used it say restorations just "drop right in." The accuracy is so reliable, many cases don’t even require a model.

    These precisely fitting restorations eliminate the need for retakes, remakes and adjustments which means:

    • Faster seating times and fewer return visits associated with remakes
    • Lower material and labor costs
    • Improved patient convenience, satisfaction and loyalty

    ¹ Data on file.
    ² Data on file.

  • 3M True Definition Scanner before procedure
    1: Prep


  • 3M True Definition Scanner Scan
    2: Digital Scan


  • 3M True Definition Scanner After procedure
    3: Final Restoration


Innovative Design for a Better Overall Experience

  • The 3M™ True Definition Scanner has the smallest wand on the market for fast and easy scanning. The lightweight wand is ergonomically balanced and allows one-handed scanning from multiple positions.

    • Fast: Once the field is prepared, an adept user can scan a full diagnostic arch in as little as 60 seconds.
    • Easy: Handles like a traditional dental handpiece; narrow, angled tip provides easy access to the posterior.
    • Comfortable: The small profile and fast scan time make it more comfortable for you, your staff and your patients.
The 3M™ True Definition Scanner has the smallest wand on the market for fast and easy scanning.


Open and Trusted Connections

  • 3M™ True Definition Scanner files are “open” – they can be used with any system that accepts STL files, giving you unlimited options for design, materials, and production.

    What is a Trusted Connection? 3M collaborates with leading manufacturers to offer customers seamless integrations to a range of CAD/CAM, digital implant and orthodontic appliance workflows. The Trusted Connection process includes technical and clinical validation. These connections provide the benefits of an integrated system without the drawbacks of a proprietary network.

What can you do with a 3M™ True Definition Scanner?

Scan the preparation using the 3M™ True Definition Scanner.


How It Works

3M™ True Definition Scanner Components

3M™ True Definition Scanner Components


Overview of Basic Scanning Workflow

  • 3M True Definition Scanner Workflow Step 1 Scan, Review and Approve

    Scan the operative and opposing quadrant or arch and take a bite scan with patient in centric occlusion.

    Review and Approve: The system will not allow you to send a file until you review and approve your prep using powerful assessment tools.

  • 3M True Definition Scanner Workflow Step 2 Prescribe

    Enter the prescription including type of restoration, material, shade, etc. "Sign" prescription using a unique pin number assigned to the dentist.

    Send the highly accurate digital impression to the 3M™ Connection Center – a secure, cloud-based hub where you can share and store digital impressions and models.

  • 3M True Definition Scanner Workflow Step 3 Design and Fabrication

    The STL file can be accessed by your lab for design and fabrication or you can choose to design and mill chairside, restore implants or create orthodontic appliances through one of the broad array of Trusted Connections. Or, export the STL files and share them with any open CAD/CAM system.

  • 3M True Definition Scanner Workflow Step 4 Seat and Cement the restoration

    Once complete, you can seat and cement the restoration during a same-day or second appointment.

Watch the Workflows Step by Step

Data Plans

  • All of our affordable, subscription-based Data Plans for Dentists or Lab Packages include unlimited software upgrades and updates, guaranteeing you always have the latest software without unexpected fees. Your monthly cost remains the same, but with each case, you increase the return on your investment. The scanner and data plans are available from qualified 3M™ True Definition Scanner Channel Partners.

  • Standard Data Plan for Dentists

    The Standard Data Plan is designed to cover the majority of crown and bridge work in a typical office: securely send digital impressions and STL files to your lab or design and mill chairside.

  • Advanced Data Plan for Dentists

    With the Advanced Data Plan you get everything included in the Standard Data Plan and the ability to digitally restore implants or prescribe clear aligners.

  • Download Data Plan

    PDF Document Download Data Plans for Dentists (115KB)

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