Who We Are.

A sense of purpose is at the heart of how we approach every business, every idea, every product, every life and every community we touch. It is the foundation of all that follows.

  • 3M employees are empowered and encouraged to pursue purpose-driven innovation.

    Working in a highly collaborative environment, our scientists use 46 core technology platforms, ranging from adhesives and abrasives, to sensors and electronics materials. They leverage these technologies to invent unique, customer-inspired products that are marketed through our five business groups.

    Sustainability also permeates our culture. It is formally included in our leadership behaviors and our annual performance review process. What’s more, employees are educated and encouraged to “think sustainably” – at home, at work and everywhere in between. Improving lives and making the world a better place is more than a frequent conversation, it’s become an expectation.

    It’s even become a selling point for current and potential 3M employees. Research has shown that Sustainability, and “making a difference in the world,” is one of the top areas of interest for 3M employees. This has led us to develop messages against these insights as part of global internal communications campaigns. In late 2016, for example, a global campaign led by our 3M Human Resource function asked each employee to do “one simple thing to improve lives.” We consider this opportunity for impact a critical part of current employee retention, but also part of our brand for attracting new employees. It sends a compelling message to both groups, particularly when 3M is a company uniquely positioned to change the world.

"At 3M, it's not enough to just win in business — it matters how you do it."
Kristen Ludgate
Chief Compliance Officer, 3M
  • Our Vision: 3M Technology Advancing Every Company, 3M Products Enhancing Every Home, 3M Innovation Improving Every Life

    Our Corporate Values and Vision

    3M’s actions are guided by our corporate vision and values of uncompromising honesty and integrity. We are proud to be recognized worldwide as an ethical and law-abiding company. As a company, we are committed to sustainable development through environmental protection, social responsibility and economic success.

    Our Vision helps define what we do, how we do it, and where we do it. At the same time, it establishes a stretch goal for all employees at 3M. And it captures what differentiates us from competitors as an enterprise.

    What we do and have done for 114 years is advancing, enhancing, and improving. How we have done it, and continue to do it, is through technologies, products, and innovation. Where we do it is for every company, in every home and for every life all around the world.

    In short, this vision serves as a daily reminder to all of us of what the 3M brand stands for.

  • Communities: 3Mgives Volunteering


    3Mgives helps build sustainable communities through strategic investments, business expertise and the thoughtful engagement of 3Mers worldwide, who volunteer and leverage their knowledge and experience to make a difference. The impact of these actions is because of our collaboration with partner organizations that have a proven track record for delivering results.

    3Mgives strategy focuses on three important areas.

    Education: 3Mgives supports initiatives that increase student interest and achievement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and business to help build a diverse pipeline of global talent.

    Community: 3Mgives enhances community vibrancy by assuring access to basic needs, preparing youth for life-long success, increasing access to quality and diverse arts opportunities and contributing to global humanitarian relief efforts.

    Environment: 3Mgives invests in programs promoting Sustainability and environmental stewardship in the communities where 3M employees work and live.

  • Engaging Our Stakeholders

    Engaging Our Stakeholders

    Stakeholder engagement can help guide companies on doing business the right way. It can also have a direct impact on a company’s financial success (sales, share price and investments) on its operations, and on its reputation. 3M has created a robust, stakeholder-driven approach to Sustainability materiality that serves as a foundation for our Sustainability strategy and reporting. Through understanding critical Sustainability issues from both internal and external perspectives, 3M can strengthen its social license to operate and develop corporate strategy, goals, targets, programs, initiatives and a stakeholder engagement strategy to advance sustainability globally.

    As a science-based company, our stakeholders include customers and consumers, investors, government agencies, industry organizations, subject-matter experts and academia, non-government organizations, other corporations and more.

    It is through collaboration and partnerships that 3M can accelerate Sustainability in our company and in the world. We value our partnerships with numerous stakeholders as a way to not only address our Sustainability issues, but to help our partners address their Sustainability challenges. 

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    Diversity & Inclusion

    At 3M, we are a collaborative, diverse group of people whose ideas transform the future. The way we look at it, a diverse, global workforce — people with different experience, ethnicity, age, gender, faith, sexual orientation, personalities, styles and ways of thinking — is a competitive advantage.

    This advantage helps us relate more closely to the needs of all 3M customers, suppliers and channel partners around the world reflective of our customers and markets. At the same time, it helps fuel our curiosity, our creativity and our growth as a company.

    3M is committed to fostering an inclusive environment, built on our Respectful Workplace Principle, where employees thrive, feel safe and respected, involved, valued, and free to be their real selves. Additional information on our Respectful Workplace Principle can be found in our Human Rights section.

    Increasing diversity in every region in which we operate is a core part of our Sustainability strategy.

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A sense of purpose is at the heart of how we approach every business, every idea, every product, every life and every community we touch. It is the foundation of all that follows.

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