“At 3M, we are driving both business growth and societal impact through purpose."
Jean Bennington Sweeney
Chief Sustainability Officer

Message from our Chief Sustainability Officer, Jean Bennington Sweeney

  • As Chief Sustainability Officer, I get the opportunity to speak to a variety of audiences about Sustainability topics.

    I’ve talked with students, investors, 3M employees, B2B and B2C companies, consumers, government leaders, from across industries and across the globe, and there is one topic that resonates everywhere: purpose.

    It’s inspiring to see how the idea of working toward a greater good, and doing so with creativity and collaboration, really moves people. How recognizing individual roles in creating positive change can drive business as well as personal fulfillment.

    I get to share how at 3M we have a Vision statement from our CEO that directly states our overarching purpose: to improve every life. And how a sense of purpose is at the heart of everything we do – from products to policies to partnerships.

    This commitment to the greater good is growing every year. We are looking at ways to build purpose into leadership and talent development across the company, to recognize business opportunities that help our company grow while addressing societal issues, and to expand and improve our partnerships with customers and suppliers by working together toward solving their Sustainability challenges, which in turn serves us all.

    As you read this report, and learn more about the journey we are on at 3M toward a greater purpose, I encourage you to think about your strengths and passions, the capability you have to impact societal issues, as well as the capabilities of your sphere of influence – your employer, your social network, your community - and see if there is opportunity for more purposeful work.

    If we all recognize our opportunities and take action accordingly, the resulting impact serves individuals and society, and is, quite frankly, good for business.

    Thank you for learning more about what we at 3M are doing toward #improvinglives, and for the purpose you bring to each and every day.

    Jean Bennington Sweeney
    Chief Sustainability Officer

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