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It can be difficult to keep up with all the latest orthodontic advances. We offer continuing education, training and events designed to keep you in the forefront of the industry- available when and where you want.



  • Aesthetic braces, beautiful results

    Our goal is to help you improve lives, one smile at a time. We offer novel orthodontic solutions that improve the treatment process by combining efficiency and performance, with the look patients prefer during treatment.

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    Helping you work more efficiently

    We leverage 3M Science to provide solutions that shorten and improve the treatment process while achieving excellent results. Easier handling and placement reduces appointment time and improves patient satisfaction.

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  • Victory Low Profile Bracket with APC Flash Free Adhesive

    Best-selling brackets offer best-in-class bonding efficiency.

    Eliminate the flash removal step from bracket bonding, saving significant time without compromising bond strength. Patients also benefit from added protection for tooth enamel and a quicker, easier debonding appointment.

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About 3M Orthodontic Products and Solutions

  • 3M Orthodontic Products offer optimized efficiency, performance and esthetics to help you provide the excellent treatment that leads to happy patients. An industry leader in orthodontics, we leverage 3M Science to develop orthodontic products that help shorten the treatment process, improve the orthodontic experience and deliver the high-quality esthetics your patients expect. 3M™ Orthodontic Products are designed to handle and place easily, helping reduce the length of appointments and saving time for both you and your patients.

Orthodontic Products for Better Treatment and Happy Patients

3M Orthodontic Products offer advanced performance, esthetics and efficiency.


Featured Orthodontic Products

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  • Orthodontist Locator
    Find an Orthodontist Locator

    Increase your visibility to patients searching for an orthodontist and grow your practice with our Orthodontist Locator tool.

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  • Orthodontic Perspectives Innova Magazine
    Orthodontic Perspectives Innova

    Read the latest issue of the 3M Orthodontic Perspectives Innova news and gain access to a wide selection of relevant and interesting case studies and articles on orthodontic products and treatment options.

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  • Paint Your Smile
    Paint Your Smile

    An interactive website application that allows patients to "try out" different color rubber bands to see how great their new braces will look and help them make a color selection.

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