Transdermal Components

Transdermal Components

Transdermal Components

  • Transdermal Components

    Transdermal Components

    Experience true differentiation: Challenging formulations and cosmetic appearance can have a significant impact on your choice of components. To help you design the right transdermal system, we offer a wide variety of backings, liners, membranes and tapes, along with customer and technical service support designed for your long term success.

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  • Liners

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    The release liner protects the adhesive and drug formulation. It is removed prior to patch application. Important considerations when choosing a liner include: adhesive and drug formulations, and release force.

    3M Scotchpak™ Fluoropolymer CoatedRelease Liners

    3M Scotchpak™ Fluoropolymer Coated Release Liners provide a premium, smoother release from a wide variety of skin contact adhesives. These include silicone, acrylate, polyisobutylene (PIB) and rubber-based adhesives. Compatible with many formulations, Scotchpak liners have excellent chemical stability and a long shelf life.

  • Backings


    The backing is the outermost layer of the patch, which protects the formulation while the patch is being worn. Important considerations include occlusivity, patient comfort, and cosmetic appearance. 3M offers a wide variety of backing materials to help ensure suitability, stability and a successful final product.

    3M Scotchpak™ Backings

    These polyester-based laminates provide disparate properties in a single web. No solvents or adhesives are used in 3M's proprietary lamination process, thereby minimizing the potential for drug and/or excipient interactions.

    3M CoTran™ Backings

    This broad backing portfolio contains translucent and pigmented monolayer films providing low moisture and high oxygen transmission, and nonwoven fabrics providing both high moisture and oxygen transmission. These properties are important considerations as you design your patch for optimal patient comfort over the patch wear duration.

  • Membranes


    In multi-layer and reservoir patch systems, the membrane controls the rate of diffusion of the drug out of the patch and into the skin. Important properties to consider include the membrane composition and thickness. 3M offers a wide variety of ethylene vinyl acetate membranes for use in TDD systems.

    3M CoTran™ Membranes feature:


    • Flexibility, for optimal patient comfort
    • An extensive history of use and excellent track record of safety
    • Excellent adhesive anchorage
    • Superior film quality, due to the melt-cast manufacture process and tight caliper control
    • Manufactured under cGMP conditions


    Specific surface textures of these membranes improve both web handling and bonding between the membrane and the adhesive. These films are offered in a range of vinyl acetate content and caliper, to meet your unique needs.

  • Tapes


    Tapes are protective patch coverings that provide good skin adhesion over the wear duration and stabilization to your patch system. Our tape components are part of 3M's family of medical tapes, which can be found in hospitals and clinics around the world, where they have been tried, tested and trusted for decades.

    • Nonwoven tapes offer excellent conformability and breathability
    • Foam tapes provide soft, comfortable cushioning

    Both options allow for easy placement, good adhesion, and extended wear – up to 7 days.


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    Put our comprehensive know-how in polymer technologies to work for you in developing a wide spectrum of components for your most comprehensive transdermal needs.

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