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  • Put our 60 years of inhalation expertise to work for you. Mitigate risk and increase speed-to-market with a trusted leader.

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Inhaler technology applied to breathing life into your products.

Inhaler Technologies for 3M Drug Delivery Systems

  • Intelligent Control Inhaler

    3M, with its long history of expertise in inhalation, saw the need for a simple, intuitive, connected device that could eliminate mistakes in use, engage patients in self-care, and connect patients with their caregivers, thereby improving outcomes and lowering overall healthcare costs.

  • Metered Dose Inhalers (MDI)

    Take the risk out of commercializing your new inhalation product, from start to finish. Our technical understanding and expertise of the metered dose inhaler goes back to when we created the very first one, more than 60 years ago. Our expertise spans the entire system, from feasibility to selecting the right components – valves, canisters and dose counters – through to commercial-scale production.

  • Generic Inhalation Products

    Bring high- quality inhaled generics to market quickly in a cost-focused environment as inhalation products come off patent. Let 3M experience in developing products and navigating the patent landscape, as well as a proven track record of gaining MDI approval with global regulatory agencies, ensure your success. From providing differentiated components, formulation understanding, contract manufacturing and a record of single-cycle FDA reviews, 3M contributes to your success.

  • Dose by Dose Counters

    Differentiate your product with a clear, accurate display that patients love. Our Dose-by-Dose Counters help increase compliance in medication regimens.

  • Inhaler Components

    Ensure the right components with a leader that understands the MDI from the inside out. Whether it is integrating a 3rd party component or supplying a component designed and manufactured by 3M, we understand what will work best for your product. Easy fill, accurate dosing, pressure fill and cold fill valves, coated and plain cans, sleeved cans: leverage our technology and knowledge to differentiate your product.

  • Inhalation Contract Manufacturing

    Whether you're looking for a primary contract fill manufacturer or a second source of supply, for cold or pressure fill, 3M's cGMP facilities can provide you with reassurance that your product will be available for market. Our Lean Six Sigma team ensures optimized operation which may result in lowering your costs. As inhalation experts, we understand every step of bringing a product to market and can foresee and mitigate potential issues, lowering manufacturing risk.

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From development to manufacturing to licensing opportunities, find out how you can partner with 3M to help ensure your success. We offer a cost-free, no-obligation feasibility study for the first stage of assessment. Contact us to get started.

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