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3M Transportation

3M Transportation


3M provides you with high-quality abrasives, tapes, films, adhesives, and specialty materials for the manufacture, repair, and maintenance of automotives, aircraft, boats, and other vehicles.

  • Whether you're involved in manufacturing, maintenance or repair in the Aerospace industry, 3M provides efficient and cost-effective solutions for sanding, masking & paint systems, aircraft sealant removal and more.

  • 3M offers solutions, from abrasives to paint finishing, using our most advanced technologies for designers, manufacturers and OEMs in the Automotive industry.

  • 3M offers products and systems that improve worker safety, maximize productivity and provide optimal finished results.

  • Our complete spectrum of products, services and solutions address the common challenges of the motor vehicle industry to enhance organizational performance and productivity.

  • 3M's full line of products for traffic control and guidance are extensively researched and tested for high performance, durability, and quality

  • Integrating 3M's vast product and technology portfolio to provide innovative solutions for the design, manufacture, and maintenance of commercial and recreational vehicles.

About 3M Transportation

  • About 3M Transportation

    Tape is our heritage and our future at 3M. Our specialty tapes and adhesives bring high- quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness to your projects large and small—improving your finished product and your bottom line. Whether you're a designer, manufacturer, or OEM-- our complete spectrum of products, services and solutions enhance everyone’s performance and productivity.