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    Consumers want lighter, brighter, durable, less expensive products. Our customers seek solutions from 3M to do just that. By combining innovation and collaboration, we have created a wide range of products to help our customers build better devices.

    An expert in battery efficiency can solve one problem. But having that expert partner with a display stack engineer and thermal engineer to find the balanced solution can solve many—not only saving time and cost, but opening up new options in design flexibility.

    That’s why we believe in customer collaboration. Often our engineers work directly with your design team on-site or by phone. If needed, they’ll call in experts from related areas, including display stack, assembly adhesives, thermal management, battery materials, EMI/EMC shielding, touch systems, shock & vibration and glass polishing. Ultimately, we find next generation product solutions by working together.

    So before you start your next design project, think of 3M—your partner into tomorrow.

Making devices lighter, brighter and more durable.

From EMI materials to display films, we deliver innovative solutions to enable design and assembly freedom.


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