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    Not all medical tapes are the same. After all, certain situations call for specific adhesive requirements and clinicians appreciate having a wide variety of reliable, consistent tapes at their disposal.

    Learn how 3M™ Medical Tapes can help in your clinical setting from gentle options for sensitive skin to tapes with stronger adhesion for critical securement.

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    Right Tape for Your Clinical Need

    Because medical tapes are so prevalent in health care settings, some regard them as simple commodities. However medical tape can be a strategic area of value, with the right supplier, providing the right products and the right tools for your needs. Our medical tapes deliver a broad range of securement solutions from tapes designed to protect fragile and at-risk skin such as elderly or oncology patients to secure those critical tubes including endotracheal and nasogastric tubes.

    Read on to learn about the portfolio of 3M™ Medical Tapes or click here (PDF, 2.48 MB) for more information about our tapes.

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  • Introducing 3M™ Multipore™ Dry Surgical Tape

    As clinicians, your patients’ care and safety is your top priority. Your focus on securing their critical tubes is something you don’t take lightly. You need effective securement solutions that stay in place and adhere in challenging situations such as wet or diaphoretic skin. That’s why we developed 3M™ Multipore™ Dry Surgical Tape. Click here to learn more about this new tape designed for critical tube securement and experience it for yourself by requesting a sample.

  • Critical Tube Securement and Patient Safety

    Critical tube securement encompasses several patient safety concerns including Medical Adhesive Related Skin Injuries (MARSI) as well as Medical Device Related Pressure Ulcers (MDRPUs) and Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI).  This continuing education program will focus on risk assessment and prevention measures that you can take to circumvent these potentially serious patient outcomes. Learn more about our course in Health Care Academy. 

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    Gentle Tapes for Gentle Jobs -- Meet 3M™ Kind Removal Silicone Tape

    As clinicians, your patients put their trust in you every day. We understand you are focused on providing quality care and ensuring you are using skin-friendly products for patient comfort.

    Meet 3M™ Kind Removal Silicone Tape - our gentle tape with silicone adhesive. Research confirms that upon removal, 3M™ Kind Removal Silicone Tape causes minimal epidermal cell stripping and less pain.

    Experience Kind Removal Silicone Tape for yourself and understand why 9 out of 10 nurses rated 3M™ Kind Removal Silicone Tape as "better" or "much better" than their current gentle tape for less pain on removal*

    See full skin trauma study results (PDF, 676.65 KB)

    * In pre-market clinical evaluations, overall ratings

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    Consider Single Use Roles for Patient Safety

    Preventing healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) are an important aspect of today's care. To combat cross-contamination, federal and CDC guidelines increasingly suggest that some items, such as adhesive tapes, should not be shared between patients.1,2

    As a result, infection prevention-conscious facilities often dedicate a single roll of tape to each patient. With traditional rolls of tape, this results in up to 70-90% of each roll of tape being discarded.3 In other words, more than two miles of tape is wasted for every 1,000 patients discharged. To help reduce infection caused by cross-contamination and waste, 3M offers several tapes in single-patient use rolls.

    Learn more about Single-Patient Use Roles from 3M (PDF, 354.08 KB).

    Learn More about Sustainability and 3M

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    2. Hageman JC et al, Investigation and control of vancomycin-intermediate and – resistant Staphylococcus areas: A guide for health departments and infection prevention personnel. CDC. Atlanta, GA 2006.
    3. 3M Market Research Data On File (2010/2011).

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