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    • 3M Center for Respiratory Protection

      Establishing a Respiratory Program

      As the safety administrator, running a successful respiratory protection program means navigating a maze of regulations and anticipating hazards. Consider us your resource. Whenever you are in the process, we can help guide you to the information and details you need.

      Visit our Center for Respiratory Protection for guidance on helping to establish a respiratory protection program for your workplace.

    Respirator Selection and Fit Testing

    • Select & Service Life Software

      3M can help provide assistance in choosing the appropriate respirator and estimating the service life of 3M™ Respirator Cartridges.

    • Science of Respirator Fit Testing

      3M has been applying fit test science to respirator wearers’ life for years. We even pioneered the creation of the saccharin qualitative fit test protocol – the first qualitative fit test for filtering facepiece respirators based on taste of a test agent.

    Featured Programs

    • Why clock out to get checked out?

      Why clock out to get checked out?

      Sign up, take the OSHA respirator medical evaluation questionnaire, and get instant results with the 3M Online Respirator Medical Evaluation Service. It costs only $28 per person – and, there’s no minimum order or hidden costs. For a limited time, first time accounts can get 2 evaluations at no cost so you can see how convenient it is!

    • The smart way to play it safe.

      The smart way to play it safe.

      A new way of managing your PPE inventory - designed to help improve emergency readiness, reduce waste and save you money!

    Additional Resources

    • Why 3M Respiratory Protection?

      Comfort and safety, right from the start.

      3M has always been an innovator in worker health and safety. We provide an extensive range of Disposable, Reusable and Powered & Supplied Air Respirators.

      40 Years of Safety Leadership and thousands of patents later, 3M now offers an extensive family of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) beyond respiratory protection. Trust your PPE to a company that has the support and services you’ve needed for decades past and can rely on for years to come.

    • Respirator Selection and Cartridge & Filter Replacement Tools

      Select & Service Life:
      3M can provide assistance in choosing the appropriate respirator and estimating the service life of 3M™ Respirator Cartridges.

      Learn More About Respirator Selection & Service Life

      Cartridge & Filter Replacement Program:
      Help protect workers by efficiently managing the cartridge and filter replacement process by assisting you in determining how long products may be used, and providing procedures and templates to document your safety programs.

      Learn More About Cartridge & Filter Replacement program

    • Respiratory Protection Mobile App

      Using the free app, industrial hygienists and safety professionals can quickly get answers to frequently asked respiratory questions, check the 3M respirator selection guide, identify 3M facepieces, cartridges and filters, walk through an overview of qualitative fit-testing protocols, and conduct fit tests.

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