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    3M™ Breathe Easy™ PAPR Systems are NIOSH Approved and Commercially Available

    Recently, 3M has received questions regarding the availability of our 3M™ Breathe Easy™ Powered Air Purifying Respirators used for First Receiver patient decontamination programs for CBRN PAPR (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear hazards) and whether they have been discontinued.

    Please be advised that the NIOSH approved systems along with the replacement parts are commercially available through a number of 3M distributors. These product lines have not been discontinued. Please note that some distributors in 2016 temporarily stopped featuring the Breathe Easy PAPR systems on their website as 3M worked through a supply disruption of the 3M™ Hood BE-10BR Butyl Rubber (required for CBRN compliance).

    As of October 2016, this supply disruption is no longer an issue.

    Contact your 3M Government and Healthcare Specialist

    Download communication letter (PDF, 62.79 KB)


    User Advisory Notice

    3M has received a number of recent inquiries asking for clarification regarding the user advisory notice dated September 30, 2016 for the 3M™ Breathe Easy™ BE-10BR butyl rubber hood, particularly regarding the establishment of a recommended 10-year shelf life, and the ability to use the product beyond the recommended 10-year shelf life claim. This letter is meant to clarify these issues.

    To request your valve and valve seat repacement at no cost, please call 1-855-317-4203

    Read Notice

Breathe Easy Resources

  • Need more resources to help with respiratory compliance? Need more information on 3M solutions for your CBRN needs? Need training and user instructions? Want to know how to inspect your PAPR? Or how to replace your valves on the hood? Did you know you can convert your FR-Series Breathe Easy PAPR to a CBRN Breathe Easy PAPR ? Did you know you can convert from CBRN to HEPA or upgrade to Biological? Click on the resources below for answers to your questions.

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  • 3M Versaflo TR-600

    Upgrade to 3M™ Versaflo™Respirator Systems

    Simplified selection, increased versatility and improved user comfort for applications ranging from pharmaceutical to healthcare, to manufacturing and heavy industry. Try the PAPR system for yourself!

    Limited Time Introductory Trade-in Offer: 3M is announcing a limited time trade-in offer for qualifying customers in the United States who wish to upgrade to a 3M™ Versaflo™ Respirator Systems.

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Featured Resources

  • 3M Center for Respiratory Protection

    Establishing a Respiratory Program

    As the safety administrator, running a successful respiratory protection program means navigating a maze of regulations and anticipating hazards. Consider us your resource. Whenever you are in the process, we can help guide you to the information and details you need.

    Visit our Center for Respiratory Protection for guidance on helping to establish a respiratory protection program for your workplace.

Respirator Selection and Fit Testing

  • Select & Service Life Software

    3M can help provide assistance in choosing the appropriate respirator and estimating the service life of 3M™ Respirator Cartridges.

  • Science of Respirator Fit Testing

    3M has been applying fit test science to respirator wearers’ life for years. We even pioneered the creation of the saccharin qualitative fit test protocol – the first qualitative fit test for filtering facepiece respirators based on taste of a test agent.

Powered & Supplied Air Respirator Videos

PAPR & Supplied Air Respirators Overview

  • Our Range

    Work in a World of Comfort

    3M offers an extensive and flexible range of industrial powered and supplied air respirators developed for a wide range of environments, applications and hazards.

    These respiratory protection systems can offer comfortable, integrated protection against multiple hazards providing respiratory, head, face, eye and hearing protection. Their ease-of-use can help improve productivity in the workplace.


    1. Headtop connected to a powered motor blower unit; or

    2. Headtop connected by a regulator to an external breathable quality compressed air supply

    3. Often includes other neck-up hazard protection (e.g. eye, head, hearing, neck/shoulder coverage).


    Comfort, Compliance and Protection

    1. Reduced breathing resistance

    2. Combined, integrated protection

    3. Potential for higher assigned protection factors

    4. Fit Test Not Required (for loose-fitting headtops)

    3M™ Versaflo™ Respirator Systems - NIOSH (PDF, 1.7MB)

  • Powered vs. Supplied Air
    3M Powered vs. Supplied Air

    Powered Air

    • Filters contaminants from your surroundings
    • All 3M™ Versaflo™ incorporates a battery powered motorized fan to draw air through a filter
    • High mobility
    • Cannot be used to protect against substances with poor warning properties (taste/smell)
    • Must not be used in conditions that are Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH)

    Supplied Air

    • Air is supplied from a compressor (compressed air must be of breathable quality)
    • Limited mobility
    • Can be used to protect against substances with poor warning properties (taste/smell)
    • Must not be used in conditions that are Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH)
    • Valve options can cool or heat the incoming air
  • Modular vs. Individual PAPR
    3M Modular vs. Individual PAPR

    Modular Systems

    • The modular respirator system is a comprehensive approach to worker protection systems based on comfortable-to-wear components.
    • All modular headtops, air delivery units and breathing tubes are compatible with one another.
    • Users can mix and match parts as they move from one environment to another, or from one application to the next.
    • It is the ultimate in flexibility for handling changing user environments.

    Individual Systems

    • Designed for specific applications for example, foundries, painting, and asbestos removal.
    • Are available in belt-mounted, head-mounted and face-mounted configurations.
    • Are available in PAPR and supplied air configurations.
    • Are not compatible with the modular range.

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