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    • Overview

      3M Purification products help refineries around the world to increase crude oil processing efficiency...protect equipment from fouling...and provide the highest quality, contaminant-free final product. Their high performance and low cost-in-use makes 3M filters the media of choice for a variety of refining operations, from amine sweetening and burner nozzle protection to final product purification

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    • Refining Applications for 3M™ Purification

      Catalyst Protection
      Naphtha, recycled hydrogen and other feed streams used in petroleum refining catalytic processes can become contaminated with iron oxide, pipe scale, and agglomerated semi-solids. These particulates can cause catalyst fouling and deactivation; plugged stream nozzles; degraded reactor efficiency; and failure to meet product specification.
      3M Purification products protect the catalyst in order to provide the greatest process efficiency and downstream equipment protection. Applications include:
      • Hydrotreating
      • Hydrocracking
      • Catalytic reforming
      • MTBE production

      Amine Sweetening
      Amine treating systems, in addition to forming a critical part of crude oil and gas processing, have a significant impact on overall operating costs. Contaminants in the amine system can cause process disruption with problems such as contactor plugging, foaming, and heat exchanger, reboiler and carbon bed fouling. To reduce such incidents – and the accompanying maintenance costs and downtime – high efficiency filtration systems are used to purify:
      • Recirculating amine stream
      • Inlet gas
      • Tail gas cleanup
      3M Purification products are used throughout amine sweetening processes to improve efficiency and provide enhanced process protection.

      Sour Water Stripping
      Water and water vapor containing hydrogen sulfide and other “sour” components are produced by many refining processes, including crude distillation, hydrotreating and catalytic cracking. This water must be treated prior to further use or disposal. During this stripping process, contaminants can cause fouling of the stripper column, reboiler and heat exchanger. Carried-over solids can even foul further downstream processes.
      3M Purification products are used to remove iron sulfide, pipe scale and other contaminants from the sour water feed, stripped water, and acid gas streams.

      Utilities Systems
      Lubricating oil filtration is a key element in the efficient operation and protection of large engines used to power compressors and other refinery equipment. 3M Purification products eliminate contamination from rust, crankcase scale, and debris to help prevent engine failure and the resulting downtime.
      Boiler feed water must be properly pre-filtered to prevent fouling of reverse osmosis (RO) system membranes. 3M Purification products are used in water treatment/RO filtration systems to efficiently remove contaminants and prevent fouling of steam generators.
      Fuel oil delivered to boilers, furnaces and other fuel burning equipment must be efficiently and cost-effectively filtered. 3M Purification products provide virtually maintenance-free filtration, preventing contaminants from plugging and eroding burner nozzles.

      Final Product Filtration
      In order to ensure product quality and meet specifications, final products must be filtered prior to delivery to customers. If particulates go unfiltered and undetected, they can foul distribution equipment, cause solid deposits in transmission lines, and result in unscheduled maintenance, costly repairs – and lost business.
      3M Purification products effectively remove contaminants from final product streams to meet specifications...protect distribution equipment...eliminate reprocessing costs...and deliver the highest quality for your customers.
      • Fuel gas
      • Blended gasoline
      • Diesel fuel
      • Kerosene/jet fuel
      • Solvent BTX
      • Grease
      • Fuel oil

    An Intelligent Marker System

    • Consistent, cost-effective filtration solutions from 3M™

      Long service life, consistent quality and total filtration cost reduction are hallmarks of 3M™ Purification products. They are engineered to be compatible with a wide range of brine fluids, chemicals and temperatures. Certain filters are absolute rated, with distinct particle size cutoffs to provide better consistency and reproducible effluent quality.
      Other 3M Purification filter advantages include:
      • Fast, easy installation
      • Reduced disposal costs
      • High contaminant loading capacity
      • Low initial pressure drop
      • Enhanced flow (up to 10x, compared to competitive filters)

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