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      3M offers separable connector solutions ranging from 5-25 kV for connecting electrical cable and equipment. 3M™ 200 Amp Industrial Loadbreak Elbow 5810 Series are fully shielded and insulated plug-in separable connectors for connecting 5–15 kV underground cable to transformers, switchgear and junctions equipped with loadbreak bushings. The 3M 600 Series Deadbreak Elbows are designed to connect equipment and cable on primary feeder and network circuits.

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    Separable Connector Options

    • Load break elbows

      Load Break Elbows

      Providing a convenient method to connect/disconnect cable and equipment on power distribution systems, 3M loadbreak elbows are designed for use with hot stick tools, allowing safe load make/break operation and a visible disconnect. Components can be isolated with insulated caps, plugs and parking bushings.

      Designed to be used on tape shield, wire shield, UniShield® and jacketed concentric neutral types of cable, 3M's elbows are molded using high quality peroxide-cured EPDM insulation and meet requirements of ANSI/IEEE Standard 386.

    • Dead break elbows

      Dead Break Elbows

      600 Series dead break elbows are used to connect equipment and cable on primary feeder and network circuits. The 3M™ Modular Splice Kit Series 5815 is easy to expand and is flexible - allowing for easy disconnects and additions. With 3M modular technology, splices are designed to maintain the insulating and shielding integrity of the original cable.

      Easy to install, our modular splicing kits install easily on standard shielded power cables and are compatible with copper and aluminum conductors. The 5815 Series kits are designed for use with Tape Shield, Wire Shield, UniShield® and Jacketed Concentric Neutral Cables. Meets requirements of ANSI/IEEE Standard 386.

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