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    More Amps. More Confidence.

    Advanced transmission conductor technology that can as much as double transmission capacity in existing corridors with existing structures.

    About 3M™ Aluminum Conductor Composite Reinforced (ACCR)

    • 3M ACCR is an advanced transmission conductor designed to replace ACSR or ACSS on existing structures without exceeding existing towers' mechanical or clearance limits. The conductor’s unique properties give you up to twice the capacity, while delivering continued value to the shareholder and reducing ratepayer impacts from major construction projects.

    See How 3M ACCR Delivers More Amps

    • Protecting Grid Integrity – Learn how 3M ACCR can help you meet your transmission challenges while saving time and money.

      • Reduce construction outages
      • Speed up and simplify permitting
      • Reduce project schedule
      • Increase budget certainty and reduce contingencies
      • Minimize new environmental impacts on existing rights of way

    Product Data & Typical Properties

    3M ACCR’s unique properties make it important to consult with a member of our design team to select the most effective and economical option for your application.

    ACCR Resources

    • 3M ACCR Technical Information

      • Typical Properties
      • Product Data
      • PLS-CADD™ Cable Files
      • SAG 10®
      • Field & Lab Tests
      • Installation Guides
    • 3M ACCR Customer Installations

      3M ACCR has been installed to solve challenging issues in a variety of environments and operating conditions around the world.

    • 3M ACCR Frequently Asked Questions

      What is ACCR? What are the typical uses for the conductor? How is 3M ACCR different from other conductors claiming high temperature, low sag performance? Answers to these and other frequently asked questions.

    • Graphic visual of ACCR sliced in half, displaying the Aluminum Fiber Core

      3M ACCR’s secret is the unique material used in its core. The core is stranded from all metal composite wires of high purity aluminum reinforced with alumina fibers. The outer, current carrying wires are a hardened aluminum zirconium alloy. Compared to the same diameter steel core conductors, 3M ACCR has:

      • the same strength
      • less weight
      • less sag at high energy loads


      It also retains its performance over decades of high temperature use and is stable in a wide range of environmental conditions.

      These attributes can result in two or more times the ampacity while maintaining or improving clearances, tensions and mechanical loads on structures – maximum amps with no compromises.

      With 3M ACCR, you make no compromises on your design, operating or installation standards. You get the capacity increase you need and can rely on for decades, even after continuous high temperature operation.

    Managing Grid Integrity

    • Managing Grid Integrity and Affordability in a Changing World. An Executive Overview.

      This paper looks at one element of the system – the transmission grid – and how an advanced conductor technology from 3M can help utilities manage grid integrity and affordability in a changing world.

    • A Simple Solution for a Complex Issue: NERC Reliability Standards and 3M ACCR

      This paper looks at a subset of the new standards – facilities ratings, transmission planning and special protection systems – and how an advanced 3M conductor technology, 3M ACCR, can help simplify compliance and make it more cost effective, while protecting the reliability of the system.

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