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  • 3M™ ScotchCode™ Wire Markers

    Clearly identify wires, cables and systems with 3M™ ScotchCode™ Wire Marking products. Help avoid costly errors and delays by easily identifying wires for maintenance and repair. Available in a range of sizes and form factors, the tag material on 3M wire markers resists solvents, oil and water. Convenient to use pre-printed or write-on labels in refillable dispensers make marking wires and components fast and easy.

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Wire Marker Products

Wire Markers Product Applications and Highlights

  • Applications:

    • Easily identify wires for maintenance and repair
    • Common uses: electrical and control panels, telecom and communication, automotive, marine, safety and security, switches and outlets

    Product Highlights:

    • Multiple sizes and form factors for a variety of applications
    • Tag material resists solvents, oil and water
    • Convenient, pre-printed or write-on labels; refillable dispensers
    • Comply with local, state and federal construction and building codes

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