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Masking for Collision Repair

Masking systems from 3M can be used in all coating and repair processes, ranging from standard masking tape to special applications and solutions.

Masking Overview

  • From sheeting to tape to dust control, 3M masking products are perfect for even the trickiest jobs. Protect your work from overspray, dust and other contaminants. Innovative 3M masking products are more than "just another tape" - we simplify the whole paint process for you.

Masking Categories

  • Masking Tape

  • Plastic Sheeting

  • Masking Paper

  • Specialty Masking Products

    Jamb Masking, Fine Line Masking, Trim Masking, Liquid Masking, Interior Masking, and Wheel Masking

Masking Featured Products

Masking Videos


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