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Epoxy Suspends 14,550 Pound Shipping Container

Long-term strength and reliability for heavy-duty applications.


Epoxy Structural Adhesives

The Strongest Bond Available Anywhere

  • For high-strength bonds that hold at elevated temperatures and resist chemical corrosion, there’s nothing tougher than 3M’s revolutionary two-part epoxy adhesives. Eliminating the need for metal fasteners, our epoxies enable product designs with reduced noise and vibration, and improved impact resistance. They offer freedom of design and durability for industries like aerospace, construction, military and transportation.

Product Categories

  • One-Part Epoxy Adhesives

    For metal to metal bonding, 3M’s One-Part Heat Curing Epoxy provides exceptional strength, eliminating the need for metering, mixing and weighing of Two-Part systems.

  • Two-Part Epoxy Adhesives

    From aerospace to office space, there’s nothing more durable than 3M’s Two-Part Epoxy adhesives. Our revolutionary structural adhesives eliminate the need for metal fasteners, while offering the greatest freedom of design.

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