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3M™ Conductive Pressure Sensitive Cover Tape 2666

Part Number Pressure Sensitive Cover Tape 26663M ID TransM22666
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    • Adhesive Type
      Pressure Sensitive
    • Color
    • Haze Percentage
    • Product Type
      Pressure Sensitive Cover Tape
    • Standard Roll Length (metric)
      300 m
    • Standard Width (metric)
      13.3 mm, 21.3 mm, 25.5 mm, 37.4 mm, 49.4 mm, 5.4 mm, 65.2 mm, 81.1 mm, 9.3 mm
    • Tape Type
    • Typical Elongation (percentage)
    • Typical Sealing Temperature (Celsius)
      Room Ambient
    • Typical Surface Resistivity - Backside (Ohms per sq)
    • Typical Surface Resistivity - Component side (Ohms per sq)
      10 ^5
    • Typical Tensile Strength (N per mm Width)
    • Typical Thickness (metric)
      0.061 mm
    • UL File Number

  • 300 m rolls are available in 5.4, 9.3, 13.3, 21.3, 25.5, 37.4, 49.4, 65.2, 81.1 standard widths (mm); custom sizes are available

    3M™ Conductive Pressure-Sensitive Cover Tape 2666 is a transparent, conductive-, polyester film tape with a synthetic, room-temperature, pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) zone along each edge. 3M™ Conductive Pressure-Sensitive Cover Tape 2666 seals electrical and electronic components into 3M's family of polycarbonate carriers. It may also work well with other embossed carrier tapes. The cover tape’s adhesive is exposed only along the edges. Cover Tape 2666 is supplied in 300-meter, splice-free rolls and is available in several standard widths.

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    Note: Other widths are available per customer's requirement. Please contact us for more information
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