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Dental Impression Materials and Equipment Dental Impression Materials and Equipment Dental Impression Materials and Equipment

Dental Impression Materials and Equipment

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Dental Impression Materials and Equipment

  • Great impressions start with dental impression materials and equipment that help you get it right the first time. The performance of our impression materials and 3M True Definition Scanner helps reduce costly remakes, retakes and adjustments.

Download 3M ESPE Dental Impression materials troubleshooting guide

Read about common dental impressioning problems and how to prevent them.

Download Pentamix Lite Starter Kit special offer

Special Offers on Penta™ Impression Material Refills and Garant™ Impression Material Refills

Impression Procedure

  • A great impression starts with controlling tissue and moisture. Our capsule’s extra-fine tip delivers hemostatic paste where it belongs—right into the sulcus— to gently retract tissue and control bleeding.

  • Restorations with accurate margins drop into place. Now you can apply wash material exactly where it’s needed to capture every marginal detail. Patient-friendly and ergonomic syringes make dispensing more efficient, and can be prefilled up to 12 hours in advance of any procedure. Plus, the syringes use up to 67% less waste than hand dispensers.

  • Say “YES” to the VPS impression material with the shortest intra-oral setting time. Move through your day with speed, control and precision. Deliver accurate impressions the first time with the fastest VPS material on the market - Imprint™ 4 VPS Impression Material.


Technique Videos

Impression Materials Documents

Study results and product information for review and downloading.