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3M™ Diamond Polishing QRS Cloth 656WY, 3000 Mesh

Part Number 656WY3M ID 60000120604UPC 00051135930359
  • Heavy duty
  • Long life
  • Consistent finishes
  • Faster cutting
  • Application Category
    Finishing/Polishing, Grinding/Metal Stock Removal
  • Applications
    Contour Finishing, Finishing, Grinding
  • Attachment Type
  • Backing Material
  • Backing Weight
    X Weight
  • Brand
  • Converted Form
    Disc, Non-Standard Size, PSA Disc, Sheet, Non-Standard Size
  • Equipment - Machines
    Backstand, Benchtop, Die Grinders, File Belt Sanders, Right Angle Grinders
  • Grade
    3000 Mesh
  • Industries
    Aerospace, General Industrial, Metalworking, Precision Grinding & Finishing
  • Mineral Type
  • Primary Application
  • Sub Industries
    Metal Implants, Turbine Engines
  • Substrates
    Carbide, Cermets, Chrome Carbide, Chrome Oxide, Glass, Hard Composite, HVOF, Non-ferrous Metals, Tungsten Carbide
  • Heavy duty
  • Long life
  • Consistent finishes
  • Faster cutting
  • Helps minimize chance of burn through
  • Hook and Loop attachment for easy re-use

Micron-graded diamond particles affixed to durable waterproof cloth backing with tough resin bond. With QRS Hook and Loop Attachment System. For grinding and polishing ceramics, carbide, cast iron.

Tough Cutting and Easy to Use
Designed for grinding and polishing, our 3M™ Diamond Polishing QRS Cloth 656WY can tackle tough materials including ceramics, carbides and cast iron. It also works well for stripping thermal spray coating during the refurbishment process. The heavy, x-weight cloth backing provides a strong support for polishing on and around contoured surfaces.

Heat Resistant Resin Bonded
This cloth uses a resin bonding which are specially designed to resist thermal and chemical deterioration, which can occur during high speed grinding. This bond is very hard and excellent for micro finishing work on tool tough metals like steel or on ceramic materials. This also allows for faster cuts and a higher cut rate. This bonding material can also be used with oil and water based lubricants for lower grinding temperatures.

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