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Optimized Operations (O2)

Optimized Operations (O2)
Optimized Operations (O2)

Accelerate. Collaborate. Innovate.

Accelerate your career with world-class training and leadership opportunities.

Collaborate across borders and functions to make a global impact.

Innovate using fresh ideas hand-in-hand with lean tools and training to solve the manufacturing and supply chain industry's biggest challenges.

O2 Program Details

Develop leadership skills. Learn from a global leader. Collaborate with the best.

As an O2, you will work in a 3M business for an average of 12-18 months during which you will master and apply Lean Six Sigma methodologies. You will also learn supply chain principles along with project management, leadership, interpersonal and facilitation skills. You will directly apply five weeks of formal training to projects you lead at 3M's manufacturing plants, development facilities, and distribution centers across the U.S.

The goal at the end of the program is to develop and place you into a role where you can continue to build your leadership skills and contribute to 3M.

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    Areas of Opportunity

    We are looking for high energy future leaders to fill positions across the U.S. in various locations.

    • Process/Product Engineering in plants
    • Manufacturing Technology - these groups typically work on scaling up new products from R&D into a plant, or on product maintenance, typically at our headquarters in Maplewood, MN
    • Supply Chain Analysis/Production Planning either in plants or our headquarters in Maplewood, MN
    • Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS), typically in plants or our U.S. distribution centers
    • Statistician, either in plants or our headquarters in Maplewood, MN
    • Quality, either in plants or our headquarters in Maplewood, MN
    • Maintenance Engineering in plants

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    What do O2s do?

    O2s are hired into the program at different times throughout the year depending upon business needs. We fill requests from U.S. locations based on their desired discipline(s) and timing of the hire(s).

    You will work at your assigned location for the duration of the program and attend five weeks of training over the course of your first year at corporate headquarters in Maplewood, Minnesota.

    O2s usually focus on 2 areas while in the program:

    • Project Management: You will lead high-impact Lean Six Sigma projects which are critical to the future success of the business. Each O2 will have a different experience and projects depending upon the location and business. Typical projects are in the areas of yield, changeover, inventory reduction, or similar areas where there is a business need to improve.
    • Functional Tasks: You will complete daily work in your area of expertise, such as production planning as an analyst or process engineering tasks as an engineer.

To Apply

If you are a recent graduate in a discipline such as engineering, environmental health and safety (EHS), supply chain, or statistics, our O2 program is a great development opportunity for you.

  • Requirements

    College graduates of any age who are in the last year of completing a Bachelor’s degree or higher in Engineering (ChE, IE, ME, EE, EHS, Plastics, Quality, MSE) or Supply Chain Management (Logistics, Operations Management) from an accredited university, or have completed such a degree within the last three years with:

    • 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA
    • Less than three years since graduation
    • At least one prior manufacturing related work experience in field of study (such as internships or Co-ops)
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