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  • Iso-Form™ Crowns, Bicuspid
  • Iso-Form™ Crowns, Bicuspid

    Product Details


    Prefabricated crowns made of tin-silver alloy for short-term adult posterior use.


    • Pre-finished, contoured and belled to save placement time.
    • Soft tin-silver alloy retains shape of preparation and is easily stretched and burnished to fit prep margins.
    • Bicuspid and molar crown selection to cover adult posterior applications.
    • Faster placement than acrylics and chemical resin for single units for a quicker procedure.
    • Crown set is packaged in a unique, stackable tray that provides convenient, easy storage of prefabricated crowns.

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    Indications for Use

    Suggested Applications

    • Short-term coverage: bicuspid.


    • Accessories
      Iso-Form Crown Accessories
    • Brand
    • Coverage
      Short Term
    • Crown Shape
      Bicuspid, Molar and Bicuspid
    • Dentition
    • Mandible
      Lower, Upper and Lower, Upper
    • Material
      Tin-Silver Alloy
    • Number of Crowns
      5, 64
    • Product Type
      Crown, Accessories
    Iso-Form™ Crowns, Bicuspid
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