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  • Attest™ Biological Monitoring System
  • Attest™ Biological Monitoring System

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    The Attest™ Biological Monitoring System is a convenient, reliable system for monitoring steam sterilization. Test results are known in 24-48 hours. Results can be documented in the Attest™ Record Book.


    • Convenient system provides the products you need to monitor the steam sterilization cycle.
    • Self-contained biological indicators significantly reduce the possibilityof contamination, minimizing false positives and ensuring moreaccurate results.
    • Incubator automatically crushes vial to release medium, makingit safer and easier to use than other systems.
    • 14-vial capacity to meet the needs of both small and large offices.
    • See-through cover allows for easy observation and readingof indicator color change.
    • Dry-block design is pre-set to proper incubation temperatureto ensure consistent, accurate results.
    • System is color-coded for quick reference and easy use.
    • Readout is available in 24-48 hours, providing faster results than typical mail-in services.

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