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  • Clinpro™ Prophy Paste
  • Clinpro™ Prophy Paste

    Product Details

    A prophy paste that is formulated to break down as it cleans--from a coarse to a fine grit--resulting in a great cleaning and gentle polishing with less abrasion to the dentin and enamel.


    • Unique perlite particles within the paste start out coarse and gradually break down into smaller particles as you clean, resulting in less abrasion to the dentin and enamel.
    • Removes stains as well as a leading paste while being significantly less abrasive to both dentin and enamel.
    • Contains fluoride.
    • Neutral pH value.
    • Available in unit-dose cups for easy use and improved infection control.
    • Refreshing mint and bubble gum flavors.

    Indications for Use

    • To be used for cleaning and polishing as part of a professionally administered prophylaxis treatment.

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