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  • Dimension™ VPS Impression Material
  • Dimension™ VPS Impression Material

    Product Details

    Dimension impression materials offer the features you can count on to produce consistently accurate results.


    • Accurate results for better fitting prosthesis while reducing the need for remakes and adjustments.
    • Automatic mixing and dispensing in the Pentamix™ Mixing Unit provides for a reliable dosing impression material that is homogeneous and void free.
    • Excellent detail reproduction.
    • Does not drip or slump.
    • Hydrophilic.
    • Excellent recovery from deformation.
    • Excellent tear resistance.
    • Stable in disinfectant solutions.

    Indications for Use

    • Crown and bridge impressions.
    • Inlay and onlay impressions.
    • Removable denture and partial denture impressions.

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    Buying Options
    • Accessories
      Penta™ Accessories
    • Brand
    • Color
      Green, Light Green, Pink
    • Delivery System
      Garant™ Dispenser, Pentamix™ Mixing Unit
    • Material
    • Product Type
      Accessories, Material
    • Setting Time
      Quick Set, Regular Set
    • Viscosity
      Heavy Body, Light Body
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