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  • 3M Auto Adhesives for Consumers

    Featured Solution for Car Owners

    3M has been designing adhesives with the automotive consumer in mind since 1914. Today, 3M offers a complete range of easy to use automotive glue and adhesives to suit any consumer need, from rearview mirror adhesive or weatherstrip adhesive to spray adhesive designed to tack down auto upholstery, drooping headliners, or reattach other interior accessories. The auto adhesive in a 3M™ Windshield Repair Kit is specially formulated to minimize minor cracks and star damage in auto glass, while the 3M™ Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit allows owners of cars, trucks, and motorcycles to repair tears, burns, or cuts to seat leather or vinyl upholstery.

    Click here to find out more about 3M automotive adhesive solutions for your car, or to locate a retailer near you.

    3M makes a range of automotive glue and adhesive products for car owners. 3M™ Rearview Mirror Adhesive is an automotive glue adhesive specifically formulated to attach to glass, and resist vibration and impact under load. A user-friendly clear plastic and emblem adhesive can be used on a range of interior or exterior applications, such as re-sticking loose plastic or vinyl moldings and metallic ornaments, sealing and reattaching loose headlight or taillight covers, or gluing down stray molding interior accessories and upholstery. Finally, an easy-to-use line of automotive spray adhesives offer a no-hassle solution for reattaching separated vinyl tops and drooping headliners, gluing down loose carpeting or detached hood silencer pads, and to fix and adhere jute pads, fabrics or plastics to metal and other surfaces that will stick and stay.

    Fumbling with a tail of annoying black rubber weatherstripping around a car door jam or trunk lid that can’t seem to stay in place? 3M™ Weatherstrip Adhesive is designed to withstand rain, wind, vibration and temperature, and can help you reattach loose weatherstrip without damaging the paint of your car. 3M™ Silicone Seal is a non-yellowing sealant designed to seal and weatherproof cracks and seams that can be used for many home automotive repair projects for preventing leaks around sunroofs, cracked tail lights, drip rails, or any other joints inside your car or truck.

    Yet another easy to use 3M adhesive product is 3M™ Gasket Adhesive and Silicone Gasket Compound which can withstand temperatures of over 600˚F, and can be used for: engine restoration and repair, sealing oil and transmission pans, protecting and sealing valve covers, or as a form in place gasket when rebuilding or reattaching an intake manifold, water pump, timing chain cover or thermostat housing in a home automotive project.

    For a small windshield chip or spiderweb glass crack, the 3M™ Windshield Repair Kit offers a one-component glass repair adhesive without the need for manual mixing or heat, and can help restore windshields suffering from a bullseye or star damage in the glass to almost new condition. To repair damage inside the car, a 3M™ Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit allows car and truck owners to minimize upholstery tears, burns, or cuts to seat leather or vinyl in a car or truck, before they spread.

  • Professionals

    Featured Solution For Professionals

    3M professional automotive adhesives can be used by collision repair technicians or auto customizers in areas where high strength bonds are required, and have been designed by 3M to suit a wide range of automotive applications, work times, sand times, and cure times. Automotive adhesives can be epoxy or urethane based, flexible or rigid. Several adhesives are available with corrosion inhibitors or with an ability to featheredge and fill, and some can adhere to wood, rubber, glass, metal, SMC, fiberglass, and across a range of plastics depending on use. In addition, 3M manufactures cyanoacrylates, adhesion promoters and patches, auto glass primers and auto glass adhesives, along with a range of manual and pneumatic applicators and automotive adhesive mixing systems.

    Contact your local 3M sales rep to find the right automotive adhesive for your application, or click here to find out more about 3M standard operating procedures for professional-grade adhesives in the body or collision shop.

    3M automotive adhesives have been a mainstay of the collision technician and restorer. Two part epoxy adhesives are designed with a range of work times that can be rapidly cured with heat. Where manufacturer directions are followed, 3M™ Panel Bonding Adhesive is an automotive epoxy that can be used to replace welds in non-structural areas such as bonding door skins, roof skins, quarter panels and box sides. In applications where both a filler and an adhesive is needed, such as cosmetic repair or installations in SMC, FRP (traditional fiberglass) or rigid plastic automotive parts, 3M™ Rigid Parts Repair Adhesive is recommended. For the most flexible plastic parts, such as bumper covers or other plastic automotive panels, 3M recommends the 3M™ EZ Sand Flexible Parts Repair Adhesive, which is formulated to deliver an excellent feather edge and can be used in conjunction with an automotive adhesive patch per relevant 3M standard operating procedures for your repair.

    Urethane automotive adhesives can be used as general purpose adhesives across a equally wide range of materials, or in specific applications where fast cure times in a variety of temperatures is required. For example, 3M™ SMC and Fiberglass Repair Adhesive is formulated with work times from 90 seconds to 35 minutes, so technicians can select the right adhesive for the job—whether that is quickly bonding backup strips to fiberglass or bonding fiberglass parts to primed metal frames. Semi-rigid urethane adhesives like 3M™ Super Fast Repair Adhesive are part of 3M standard operating procedures for bumper tab repair or eyelet repair, while 3M™ Universal Adhesive gives a tough and flexible bond for plastic add-on parts such as spoilers, flares, air dams, impact strips, emblems and other automotive ground effects parts. 3M automotive glass adhesives are one part moisture curing urethanes, and are designed for applications in windshield bonding and stationary glass attachment.

  • 3M Auto Adhesives for OEM Tier

    3M Auto Adhesive for OEM and Tier Suppliers

    3M offers a wide selection of structural and non-structural strength adhesives, tapes and innovative dispensing systems for use in automotive OEM manufacturing and tier supplier processes. For hole sealing, molded part replacement, or panel joint and edge-seal bonding, 3M structural sealing tapes offer conformable, repositionable, and tack-free adhesive that are formulated to melt out with the application of heat, providing a smooth, paint receptive surface once cured.

    From securing fasteners in the engine compartment to bonding hem flanges and other structural load-carrying applications, a 3M technical specialist can help deliver a customized, end-to-end solution for your modern manufacturing challenges. Click here to discover our line of 3M automotive adhesives for OEM & tier suppliers.

    Dual-component structural  adhesives from 3M are designed to bond a wide range of materials in a number of  key automotive manufacturing processes, often providing a bond as strong as the  surfaces it joins. 3M Structural Adhesives can be used to bond aluminum, steel,  clinch flanges and composites – even under difficult conditions where more  traditional adhesives may prove inadequate.

    These structural adhesives are relatively easy to handle, deliver a high  performance bond, have high oil absorption capabilities, resist washout,  include CKD capability, and are resistant to moisture during storage and  transportation. 3M structural adhesives can dispensed via a hand-held or  air-powered dispenser that combines the two components automatically, improving  the ability for operators to deliver optimum mix ratios, high performance  bonds, and to reduce waste. The result is a strong, permanent join that can  reduce the risk of inaccuracies or varying gap widths caused by component  shift. In addition, these structural adhesives can reduce the need to carry out  time-consuming preparatory tasks such as pre-gelling.
    Based on epoxy, acrylic or polyurethane chemistry, 3M structural adhesives cure  at room temperature (introducing heat will reduce curing times) and can be  applied at selected points or in a continuous bead. The benefits of 3M  structural adhesives to the automotive manufacturing industry are clear.

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